The Role of AI for higher education in Curriculum Advising

How AI Is Making Curriculum Advising Easy for Universities

One of the most crucial aspects of a student’s journey is curriculum advising. Trying to navigate mountains of information on what courses to take, how many credits are needed and how to combine electives is a daunting, albeit crucial task. Traditionally, this process has been reliant on human advisors who assist students in selecting modules, navigating elective choices, and devising …

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Should Students Use AI in Higher Education

Should Students Use AI in Higher Education?

With the rise of AI in learning, the question arises: should students be using AI in higher education? This is a hot debate amongst education professionals, and for good reason. The power of AI technology can radically transform the way students learn, but it also comes with its drawbacks. Should we embrace this life-altering tech or exclude it from teaching …

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How AI is Used in University Admissions

How AI Is Being Used For University Admissions

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now crucial in many industries, and higher education is no exception. AI has found its way into university admissions processes and changed the way institutions assess and select potential students. The admissions process is known for being labour-intensive, subjective, and inefficient. This makes it an ideal area for AI to step in. The introduction of AI …

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Custom Vs. Off-the-Shelf Solutions: Why Tailored AI Solutions are Important

Custom vs. Off-the-Shelf: Why Tailored AI Solutions Are Important

In an era where seamless and intelligent communication reigns supreme, the role of AI chatbots in business has become pivotal. As companies strive to enhance customer engagement and streamline operations, the debate between opting for off-the-shelf solutions or investing in tailored AI chatbots intensifies. There’s something to be said for each option, and what’s right for one company may not …

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What is a Customized AI Chatbot and How Do They Work

What Is a Customized AI Chatbot and How Do They Work?

AI chatbots have become indispensable tools for businesses eager to enrich user interactions. But one lesser-known avenue of this tech is how much they can be customized. When delving into the realm of customized AI chatbots, many people tend to overlook or misunderstand their capabilities. The question that often comes up is, “What is a customized AI chatbot?” Fear not; …

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how to use AI to access your business's data/how to use AI to streamline access your business data

How to Use AI to Streamline Access to Your Business Data

AI chatbots are no longer just buzzwords in the business world. They are transforming how companies operate, serving as sophisticated digital assistants that understand and adapt to the unique needs of each business. In a world where information is power, being able to quickly access information is key to being more efficient than ever. Luckily, AI chatbots make this easy. …

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New WhatsApp Business Features Explained

In today’s digital era, the key to survival is staying updated with the latest business tools. WhatsApp Business, a platform that’s transforming business communication, is one such powerful tool. At Verge AI, we don’t just help businesses navigate these tools, we empower them to optimize and conquer. We’re diving into the deep end today, exploring some thrilling WhatsApp Business features …

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Impact of AI in Higher Education

The Transformative Impact of AI in Higher Education

Artificial Intelligence (AI), with its ability to learn, reason, and self-correct, has made its way into all aspects of our lives. Every industry has something to gain from introducing this powerful tech, but the impact of AI in higher education is undeniable. The use of AI in the higher education landscape promises to reshape teaching and learning experiences profoundly. As …

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How to Use AI in Higher Education

How To Use AI in Higher Education

Picture a world not too distant from ours, where each student on a bustling campus has an invisible, relentless assistant. This assistant knows their unique learning habits, keeps them on track with deadlines, and doesn’t flinch at the thought of an all-night cramming session. It might sound like a scene from a sci-fi flick, but it’s the reality of today’s …

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HOW NLP and CUI Power Digital Interactions

How Natural Language Processing Powers Conversational Interfaces: The Intersection of NLP and CUI

We’ve all been there – chatting away with Alexa, asking her to play our favourite tunes or check the weather. But have you ever paused to consider the tech magic that makes our casual banter with machines possible? That’s where Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Conversational User Interfaces (CUI) come into play. These two intertwined domains of artificial intelligence are …

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