New WhatsApp Business Features Explained

In today’s digital era, the key to survival is staying updated with the latest business tools. WhatsApp Business, a platform that’s transforming business communication, is one such powerful tool. At Verge AI, we don’t just help businesses navigate these tools, we empower them to optimize and conquer. We’re diving into the deep end today, exploring some thrilling WhatsApp Business features that are going to level up how interact with your customers.

#1: WhatsApp Flows 

WhatsApp Flows is an innovative feature designed to streamline your customer interactions. This exciting new feature allows businesses to design, build, and personalize their own customer journeys, facilitating seamless interactions from inquiry to purchase, all within WhatsApp. 

For instance, if you own a salon, WhatsApp Flows enables you to create a customer journey that allows customers to book appointments, select services, and even receive reminders for their next visit within WhatsApp. 

This not only simplifies the process for your customers but also helps you capture new leads, personalize offers, and maximize return on investment. 

With WhatsApp Flows, businesses can provide customers with real-time insurance quotes, reduce churn by renewing deals, and cross-sell other products, all within the same platform. This leads to a simple, fast, and intuitive user experience that drives customer satisfaction and loyalty. 

As a company that got its start in creating chatbots, we’re thrilled to see the enhancements in this field. WhatsApp Flows is not just a feature; it’s a huge leap forward in the journey of chatbots.

WhatsApp Business New Features: WhatsApp Flow

#2: Carousel Templates

Carousel Templates, another new feature, allow businesses to send a text message accompanied by up to 10 horizontally scrollable cards. These cards can showcase media headers (image or video), body text, and quick reply buttons. 

Carousel Templates can be a game-changer for businesses, allowing you to visually showcase your offerings and engage your customers more effectively. In the past, showcasing multiple products on WhatsApp was a challenge. Businesses had to rely on lengthy text descriptions. But with Carousel Templates, you can visually display your products, making it a game-changer for businesses.

Creating a Carousel Template is straightforward. You can do it directly from the WhatsApp Business Account using the Message Templates endpoint. 

Remember, consistency is key. The media header format and buttons must be the same across all cards, ensuring a smooth and cohesive user experience. 

WhatsApp Business New Features: Carousel Images

#3: Limited-Time Offer Templates 

Rounding up the list of new features is Limited-Time Offer Templates. Limited-Time Offer Templates are another exciting addition to WhatsApp Business. These templates allow businesses to display expiration dates and run countdown timers for offer codes, creating a sense of urgency and driving customer engagement.

Limited-Time Offer Templates are like a marketer’s secret weapon. They incentivize customers to interact with your business on WhatsApp and keep them engaged, making them a powerful tool for your promotional strategy.

These templates, specifically designed for marketing messages, can be a powerful tool for your promotional strategy. 

Creating a Limited-Time Offer Template is simple. Use the WhatsApp Business Account > Message Templates endpoint to create one. 

These templates can significantly increase customer engagement, especially when combined with a compelling offer and a well-crafted message. 

WhatsApp Business New Features: Limited Time Offers

Recap of the new WhatsApp Business Features

These new features offer numerous opportunities for businesses to interact with customers in a more streamlined and engaging manner.  

At Verge AI, we specialize in helping businesses maximize these tools. Our custom AI chatbot solutions integrate seamlessly with WhatsApp Business, delivering superior customer experiences. 

Ready to leverage these new WhatsApp Business features to transform your customer engagement strategy? Contact Verge AI today, and let us help you navigate this exciting journey.

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