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EduBot is an AI chatbot specifically designed for higher education institutions. It uses AI to automate administrative tasks, streamline student services, and provide instant access to vital information. Revolutionize learning experiences at your university with an AI chatbot for higher education.

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EduBot the AI Chatbot for Higher Education
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Introducing EduBot: The AI Chatbot for Higher Education

EduBot is an AI chatbot uniquely designed for the needs of higher education institutions. It is uniquely developed for the education sector and is easily customizable for each institutions needs. Our AI chatbot for higher education can be used to assist with everything from student admissions and course registration, to tutoring support and sending important updates. Your institution can use EduBot to:

Guide students through the admission process

EduBot can assist prospective students with the admissions process, simplifying queries and providing clear instructions.

AI chatbot for higher education to help with student applications

Answer finance and billing queries

EduBot can effectively address queries related to tuition fees, financial aid, and billing processes.

EduBot AI chatbot for higher education to assist with finance and billing

Provide full academic support

EduBot can offer tutoring support, updates on results and timetables, and a comprehensive list of responses to frequently asked questions.

EduBot the AI Chatbot for Higher Education to help with academic support

Personalized curriculum advising for students

EduBot's curriculum advising provides personalized course recommendations based on a student's major and current credit status, assisting them in academic progression and planning.

EduBot the AI chatbot for higher education for curriculum advising

How EduBot Works:

An AI chatbot for higher education can help in several areas. EduBot's functionality is easily customized based on your needs. Areas that EduBot can help are:

Student Admissions

Course Registration

Finance and Billing

Tutoring Support

Results and TImetables

Student FAQs

Counselling and Career Guidance


Important Updates and Alerts

Key Features Of EduBot Include:


EduBot leverages Microsoft technology and advanced GPT-4 AI models to deliver accurate, contextual, and continually improving interactions.

Trained On Your Data

EduBot learns from a range of file types, ensuring institutions retain full control over the data used for training.

Completely Customizable

From the chatbot's widget to its persona, EduBot can be tailored to reflect the unique colors, logos, and ethos of your institution.


Built on robust technology, EduBot effortlessly scales to meet your institution's demands, ensuring reliable service at all times.

Built on Microsoft Technology

EduBot uses Microsoft's advanced technologies, including NLP and Cognitive Services, to deliver intuitive and engaging user interactions.

Multilingual Support

With the ability to communicate in 90 different languages, EduBot ensures better understanding and accessibility for a diverse student population.

A Reliable and Compliant Solution for Your Institution

Our AI chatbot for higher education uses Microsoft App Services and Cosmos DB for scalability and reliability. This flexible cloud infrastructure adjusts resources as per demand, prevents crashes during high traffic, and guarantees an uptime of 99.95%. With multi-region replication, we ensure your data is always available, even during regional failures.

AI Chatbot for Higher Education Compliant and Secure
EduBot: AI chatbot for higher eduation - SIS Global is a ISO-27001 certified company
EduBot is GDPR compliant thanks to the secure Microsoft technology it is built on

Seamless bot-to-human handover

EduBot's Live-Agent Hand Off feature ensures a seamless transition from AI to human assistance. It preserves and transfers the complete chat history in real time, providing live agents with full context for a smooth continuation of the interaction.

EduBot's live agent hand off feature ensures every student gets the help they need from the AI Chatbot for higher education

In-depth AI-powered analytics for education

EduBot's Analytics and reporting feature provides key insights with AI-powered education analytics. Customizable to your needs, these reports can track student behaviors, performance indicators, and trends using AI.

EduBot the AI chatbot for higher education comes with ai powered analytics for education institutions

Reach Your Students Where They Are with EduBot

EduBot can be deployed on multiple channels , so you can reach your students wherever they are.

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Verge AI is not just another tech solution. We are a partner in your institution's journey towards digital transformation.

Verge AI has implemented for chatbots for leading education institutions, and our solutions have created real, tangible improvements.

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University of the Free State (42 000 Students)

"Verge AI custom chatbot solutions have exceeded our expectations in both functionality and design."

Nomonde Mbadi / Director: Student Recruitment Services

University of Cape Town (31 000 Students)

"Verge AI ensures your chatbot experience is smooth, with a team dedicated to your success every step of the way."

DR RIASHNA SITHALDEEN / Deputy Director: Academic Development Programme

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