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Level Up Your Communication with Customers With Verge Connect

Experience a powerful communication tool designed to streamline your communication across every platform.

Why Choose Verge Connect?

Verge Connect offers the ideal customer support solution as it brings together chatbots, live chats, and voice calls. This unique combination give a unified experience to customers, ensuring that all interaction channels are consistent to provide personalized customer service. With 24/7 customer service at your fingertips, your customers can seamlessly engage with your business anytime they need to.

Monitor all your conversations across all channels from one central dashboard using Verge Connect, a comprehensive live chat solution

Keep track off all conversations across platforms

With a unified omnichannel, all customer interactions are streamlined into a single, scalable platform.

Seamless bot-to-human handover

Verge Connect's bot-to-human handoff feature guarantees users get the assistance they need.

Verge Connect enables seamless bot-to-human handover with the powerful speak to an agent function
View all conversations happening across the bot and that other agents are having with the comprehensive chat log feature of Verge AI

Comprehensive chat logs so you never miss a chat

View all conversations happening across the bot with the comprehensive chat log feature.

Easy conversation management with
the chat sidebar

Our chat sidebar enables immediate access to user information, allowing you to add notes and tags for effective management of each interaction.

See and export a users information at a glance with the chat sidebar. Add notes and tags to keep on top of each interaction
Level up agent productivity with templated quick replies using Verge Connect

Templated quick replies to boost agent productivity

Use Verge Connect's templated quick replies to improve agent efficiency and streamline customer interactions.

Improve team collaboration with internal chat tools

Enhance inter-agent communication and teamwork using Verge Connect's efficient internal chat feature.

Enable communication between agents with Verge Connect's internal chat feature
easily transfer chats between agents so users get the right help

Easily transfer chats between agent queues

With Verge Connect, effortlessly transfer chats between agent queues to ensure users receive the most suitable help swiftly.

Keep users in the loop with push notifications

Verge Connect allows you to set up and monitor the approval of WhatsApp push notifications. You can keep existing bot users and imported contacts informed and engaged.

Keep users in the loop with push notifications. Set up and approve whatsapp push notifications which can be sent to exisiting bot users, or imported contact lists
powerful ai analytics so you can monitor the metrics that are important to you

Leverage Powerful AI Analytics for Essential Insights

With Verge Connect, utilize powerful AI analytics to monitor and evaluate the metrics crucial to your operations and decision-making.

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Revolutionize your customer support today with the Verge Connect omnichannel solution. The unique coupling of chatbots, live chat, voice calls, and other tools will provide your business with a superior customer service experience that will increase satisfaction. Let us help you achieve exceptional results. Contact us now and learn more about how we can help you upgrade your customer engagement.